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How to Replace a Lost, Missing, Broken or Damaged Locking Wheel Nut (Key).

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No Wheel Nut Security Code Required! Simply Forward an image of the Security Locking Wheel Nut/Bolt (This is the Security Bolt preventing your wheel from being removed and not the Locking Wheel Nut Key which may be lost or broken) and we'll Identify the Original Replacement Wheel Nut.

I've lost my wheel nut key! - Can you help? Yes, you may have just bought a car, van, caravan, motor-home, trailer or even a horsebox and discovered that your locking wheel nut (removal tool) is missing or you may have lost or broken your locking wheel nut. Previously, if you had lost or misplaced the wheel nut security code you couldn't buy a replacement wheel nut (key) online or via a motor dealer. Don't worry, there's no need to resort to invasive wheel nut removal techniques! We can supply you with the 'OE' or 'AM' locking wheel nut - No Wheel nut code Required!

Removing Car Wheel Nuts/Bolts Without The Wheel Nut/Key! Wheel Nut Removal/Remover

The majority of the security locking wheel nuts fitted to modern vehicles employ a variety of measures to prevent wheel nut removal. Many of these locking wheels nuts are designed with a 'spinning collar' for extra security which prevents the locking wheels nuts from being forcibly removed.


Stop! We do not recommend that you remove your own wheels nuts if you have lost or broken your wheel nut (key). You can cosmetically damage your alloy wheels at best and in the worst case scenario you could structurally damage your alloys by employing dangerous invasive locking wheel nut removal - not to mention injure yourself in the process. You may also damage your existing locking wheel nuts during an unsuccessful wheel nut removal attempt and then run the risk of being unable to remove the locking wheel nuts altogether with the correct wheel nut remover - a very expensive mistake to make indeed! 

Why go to all that bother when you can simply order a Replacement Wheel Nut (Key) for a fraction of the cost of wheel nut removal charges. Our Wheel Nut Removal (Keys) Start from as little as £35.99 we cover most vehicle manufacturers.

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