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Where Can I Find My Locking Wheel Nut Security Code? Where is My Julian Wheel Nut Security Code?

There can be few things more frustrating than losing your locking wheel nut. This guide helps you replace your locking wheel nut - without the need for the wheel nut security key code or Julian code.

Don't worry or waste your time looking for the wheel nut key code. In our experience, the locking wheel nut security key code can be historic or simply not match the actual wheel locks fitted to the vehicle.

This can arise for a variety of reasons as follow:-

1) the security wheel locks may have been changed over time

2) an incorrect locking nut security key code was placed within the vehicle or paperwork

We don't require the locking wheel nut security key code/Julian code to provide you with the correct locking wheel nut. Simply follow our simple '3 Step Process' below'.


Go to the 'SHOP' page to purchase your 'Locking Wheel Nut'. If you have a 'Security Key Code' you can enter it there. If you don't have a 'Security Key Code' follow 'STEP 2' & 'STEP 3'.

TIP If ordering via Security Key Code/Julian Code; take an mage of one of the security nuts/bolts on the wheel - so that we can check that the wheel locks fitted match the code


Take an image of one of your Security Nuts/Bolts on the wheel with your mobile phone. Take the image close-up and face-on, so that we can see the Security Pattern Clearly - go to the FAQ page where you will see the whole process and example images


If you do not have a security key code; please take an image of your 'proof of keeper' document and 'ID'. For a list of acceptable documents, please refer to the '3 Step Process' on the FAQ Page.


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