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Volkswagen Wheel Nut Removal Service Provided throughout the UK & Europe. No Code Required

Volkswagen Wheel Nut Removal Service. We can provide a cost effective alternative to invasive Volkswagen wheel nut removal. No Security Code Required! Whether you've lost or broken your Volkswagen wheel nut (key). We can supply a replacement Volkswagen wheel nut (key).

Simply take an image of one of the security bolts on the wheel - close-up and straight-on so that we can see the security pattern clearly. Take an additional image of your 'proof of keeper or ownership' such as the V5 log book or similar. We have a list of the acceptable proofs on the website FAQ page.

Please go to our 'Shop' page to purchase your replacement Volkswagen wheel nut (key).

We can offer a more efficient and cost effective alternative to Locking Wheel Nut Removal Services, we can provide the actual Replacement Wheel Nut (Key).


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