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The Importance of Locking Wheel Nuts in Deterring Opportunist Alloy Wheel Thieves!

Follow our '3 Step Simple Process' and order your new replacement wheel nut (key) now.

Locking wheel nuts are a cost effective way of protecting your alloy wheels from theft. A standard wheel nut or lug nut can be removed with minimum effort using an ordinary wheel nut wrench which means your wheels could easily be stolen. But by simply replacing one standard nut/bolt per wheel with a locking wheel nut, a special locking wheel nut key is required in order to remove that last locking wheel nut, stopping a thief in their tracks.

This is all good practice unless of course you lose your locking wheel nut key. Previously, if you had lost your locking wheel nut (key) and security code there was no way of replacing your locking wheel nut (key) and you had to resort to invasive wheel nut removal. That is until now; we ( can replace your Locking Wheel Nut Key – Simply from a photo of the existing locking wheel nut on your wheel - We don't require the wheel nut security code either! Just a clear image of the locking wheel nut, Proof of Ownership and ID.

Locking wheel nuts originally became popular amongst car enthusiasts who were worried about the theft of their expensive custom alloy wheels. With many paying over £1,000 for their custom rims, it’s no wonder the inexpensive locking wheel nut became a popular deterrent. Nowadays most car manufacturers fit locking wheel nuts as standard to vehicles as they roll off the production line; indeed it is a Thatcham requirement for most UK vehicles.

Working on a very simple principle, each set of wheel locking nuts has a patterned indent or outer security pattern and a locking wheel nut (key) which matches this pattern. Only when the locking wheel nut key is inserted can the locking wheel nut be turned and removed. There are literally hundreds and thousands of unique locking wheel nut (key) combinations and although locking wheel nut (keys) are available to buy, a potential thief would have to carry around a huge selection of locking wheel nut keys to ensure they have the right tool for the job!

It’s for this same reason that it’s important that you know where your locking wheel nut key is kept as, without it, it’s very hard not to mention expensive to remove your wheels should you require a tyre change, new brakes or a service etc. We recommend that you keep your locking wheel nut key inside your vehicle somewhere, either in the glove box or hidden away out of sight, just so long as you know where to find it. If you need to pull over due to a puncture, you’re going to need that locking wheel nut key in order to remove the tyre and put the spare on. Similarly, if your vehicle requires work, your garage will need the locking wheel nut key in order to service your vehicle. So make sure you keep your locking wheel nut key safe – you never know when you might need it.

We can provide Locking wheel nut key replacement for most vehicle manufacturers. Please got to our ‘SHOP PAGE' to purchase your replacement wheel nut (key). We also offer 'Next Working Day' delivery on all locking wheel nut keys!

Follow our '3 Step Simple Process' and order your new replacement wheel nut (key) now.


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