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Kia Wheel Nut Removal Service Provided throughout the UK and Europe. No Security Code Required.

Kia Wheel Nut Removal Service. We can provide a cost effective alternative to invasive Kia wheel nut removal. No Security Code Required! Whether you've lost or broken your Kia wheel nut (key). We can supply a replacement Kia wheel nut (key). Please go to our 'Shop' page to purchase your replacement Kia wheel nut (key).

Simply take an image of one of the 'security bolts' on the wheel close-up and straight-on so that we can see the security pattern detail. For security take an additional image of your 'proof of keeper or ownership. We have a list of the acceptable forms of proof on the website FAQ page.

We can offer a more efficient and cost effective alternative to Locking Wheel Nut Removal Services, we can provide the actual Replacement Wheel Nut (Key). Simply order your Wheel Nut Removal (Key) from our ‘Shop’ Page. We cover most Manufacturers.


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