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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Vauxhall Locking Wheel Nut Keys - Please read the 'FAQ's' under 'Vauxhall Wheel Nuts' for further information on our Contact/Faq Page before making your order.  Certain Vauxhall's are fitted with wheel nuts of a particular style that do not have replacement wheel nut keys available; typically the cars effected are 2017 on-wards. 


VAUXHALL Locking Wheel Nut Key. This Locking Wheel Nut tool is designed to remove the security nuts/bolts fitted to your alloy wheels. If you are not supplying a security key code, please refer to the '3 Step Process' page.

VAUXHALL Locking Wheel Nut Key < PRE 2017 - IMPORTANT Read FAQ's Before Ordering

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