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Locking Wheel Nut. Buy Replacement Locking Wheel Nut Online

We Do Not Require the Wheel Nut Security Key Code or Julian Code! Order Your Locking Wheel Nut Now Online

*Next Working Day Delivery | OE Genuine Parts & Aftermarket Specialists

How to Replace a Broken or Lost Locking Wheel Nut. 

If you do not have the 'Locking Wheel Nut' Security Code, Simply follow our '3 Step Process' below or the 'Step by Step' guide on the FAQ Page. We can identify your 'Lost Locking Wheel Nut' from a clear image of one of your Security Nuts/Bolts on your wheel. We Specialize in identifying & supplying Genuine 'OE' and 'Aftermarket' Locking Wheel Nuts. Buy from the experts & purchase your 'Replacement Locking Wheel Nut.' Click here for Pricing Info/Shop & to Buy Your Locking Wheel Nut Replacement - No Wheel Nut Security Code Required!

Follow Our '3 Step Process' Below - No Wheel Nut Security Code Required


Go to the 'SHOP' page to purchase your 'Locking Wheel Nut'. If you have a 'Security Key Code' you can enter it there. If you don't have a 'Security Key Code' follow 'STEP 2' & 3'


Take an image of one of your Security Nuts/Bolts on the wheel with your mobile phone. Take the image close-up and face-on, so that we can see the Security Pattern clearly (e.g. image on the 'FAQ Page'


If you do NOT have a security key code; please take an image of your 'Proof of Keeper or Owner' Document and 'ID'. For a list of acceptable documents, please refer to the 'FAQ Page'

Email Your Images to: - Quoting Your Order No. Given At Checkout

TOP TIP; If ordering via Security Key Code/Julian Code; take an image of one of the security nuts/bolts on the wheel - so that we can check that the wheel locks fitted match the security code given. The codes can often be incorrect or historic - Note: we do NOT require 'proof of keeper/driver or ID' if ordering from security key code

We Can Supply Locking Wheel Nuts for The Majority of Vehicle Manufacturers 

Lost Locking Wheel Nut! Can you Help? Yes.

You may have just bought a car, van, caravan, motor-home, trailer or even a horsebox and discovered that your locking wheel nut is missing or you may have broken or lost your locking wheel nut. Previously, if you had lost the locking wheel nut security code you couldn't buy a replacement locking wheel nut online or via a motor dealer. Don't worry, there's no need to resort to invasive wheel nut removal techniques! We can supply you with the 'Genuine' or 'Aftermarket' locking wheel nut.

What is a Locking Wheel Nut ? And Why Do I Need One?

Working on a simple principle, each wheel is fitted with one special security nut or bolt. This security nut/bolt acts as an anti-theft device to prevent your wheels from being stolen (the remaining 3 or 4 standard bolts, can be removed with a wheel wrench). Each of the 4 x security nuts/bolts (1 x per wheel) shares an identical patterned indent or outer security pattern with the matching ‘Locking Wheel Nut’. This special ‘Locking Wheel Nut' is the tool required in order to remove the security nuts/bolts. The individual ‘Locking Wheel Nut’ is inserted into each of the security nuts/bolts, which can then be turned and removed. Once your vehicle service work is complete. The ‘Locking Wheel Nut’ is then used again to re-install and tighten the security nuts/bolts back on the wheels.

Locking Wheel Nut
Locking Wheel Nut
Locking Wheel Nut
*Next Working Day Delivery | OE Genuine Parts & Aftermarket Specialists
We Can Supply Locking Wheel Nuts for The Majority of Vehicle Manufacturers 
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