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How to Replace a Lost, Missing, Broken, Broke or Damaged Wheel Nut (Key)
Most Manufacturers Covered - Prices Start from as little as £38.97
Order Your Replacement Wheel Nut (Key) Online Now!
Simply click on the 'Shop Page' above to order your replacement locking wheel nut (key). We don't require the Security Code either just a Clear Digital Image of the Wheel Nut Lock itself (simply taken with your mobile phone/tablet). We can then identify your correct Locking Wheel Nut and despatch your replacement locking wheel nut key ASAP.  We also offer
We Do Not Require The Wheel Nut Security or Julian Code! We Can Supply Most Manufacturers Wheels Nuts (Keys) *Next Working Day Delivery; Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dacia, Fiat etc. etc.
Previously If You Had Lost Your Wheel Nut (Key) You Had No Option But Expensive, Invasive Wheel Nut Removal. That's All Changed, We Can Replace Your Wheel Nut (Key) Inexpensively Without the Security Code! Simply Forward a Photo of Your Wheel Nut & We'll Identify and Despatch The Original OE Manufacturer Replacement Wheels Nut (Key) - All Locking Wheel Nut (Keys) Are Fully Guaranteed. 
Go To Our 'Process' Page Above or Click On The Link Attached to follow our Simple, Easy
'3 Step Process' to Order Your Replacement Wheel Nut (Key) - We Cover Most Makes/Models. 
You Can Purchase a Alfa Romeo Wheel Nut (Key) from as little as £38.97. We Offer
'3 Delivery Options' So You Can Get Your Replacement Alfa Wheel Nut Fast & Efficiently!

I've lost my wheel nut key! - Can you help? Yes, you may have just bought a car, van, caravan, motorhome, trailer or even a horsebox and discovered that your lug nut removal tool is missing or you may have lost your wheel nut (key) or broken your wheel nut removal tool. Don't worry, there's no need to resort to invasive wheel nut removal techniques! We can supply you with a cost effective alternative to wheel nut removal.


Simply purchase your locking wheel nut key from the 'Shop' Page above and follow the simple '3 Step Process' on the 'Process Page' - Prices start from as little as £38.97 for a Fiat Wheel Nut Replacement (Key)!


The majority of the security locking wheel nuts fitted to modern vehicles employ a variety of measures to prevent wheel nut removal. Many of these locking wheels nuts are desigined with a 'spinning collar' for extra security which prevents the locking wheels nuts from being forcibly removed.


We can supply wheels nuts (keys) for Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dacia, Fiat, and the majority of all other Vehicle Makes & Models along with wheel nut adapters/wheel nut removal tools/tyre wheel keys for Cars, Vans, Caravans, Trailers and Motorhomes. As long as your vehicle is fitted with wheels nuts the chances are we can help you remove them.


'Next Working Day Express Delivery Options' to get your replacement locking wheels nuts (key) to you quickly and efficiently. Please see the 'FAQ' Page regarding 'Express Delivery Options' and the various pricing options available.


We only supply Genuine OE Manufacturer Wheels Nuts (Keys) and hold a large selection of Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dacia, Fiat Wheel Nuts (keys) in stock ready for despatch the next working day; so you can be sure that your Replacement Wheel Nut (Key) fits and works perfectly each and every time!

Removing Car Wheel Nuts/Bolts Without The Wheel Nut/Key! Wheel Nut Removal/Remover
Motor Trade Enquiries Welcome

Get in Touch! We welcome trade orders from Motor Dealers, Tyre Fitters, Garage Owners and Mechanics. You may currently offer 'Wheel Nut Removal Services'. If so, please get in touch; we would be glad to help you and your customer with the supply of a new replacment locking wheel nut key. Saving you the time and hassle of 'wheel nut removal'.

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