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'How to remove VW locking wheel nut caps to reveal the locking Wheel Nut.

This guide will show you how to remove the VW locking wheel nut plastic caps in order to take the image of the security locking nut/bolt behind.


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E.g. Locking Nut Cap (Plastic)


The majority of the security locking nuts fitted to Volkswagen vehicles are protected and covered by a plastic cap. In order for us to identify the security locking nut behind this cap, it is necessary to remove the plastic caps.





Locking Nut Cap Removal


Simply insert the plastic cap removal hook into the centre of the plastic cap and flick-off to remove. If you don't have the plastic cap removal hook, insert an alternative implement such as a small screw driver or similar and remove the plastic caps.



VW Standard Bolts


Once the plastic caps have been removed, you will reveal 3 or 4 Hexagonal Bolts. These bolts are simply removed with the standard wheel wrench.



Locate the Security Locking Nut on the wheel


The security locking nut will be round in appearance and have a pattern on the face of the locking nut (the 1st image is an example, your locking nut will not necessarily look identical to this however, it will have a security pattern on the face of the nut. The locking wheel nut key engages into this security pattern in order to remove the nut. Different styles of locking nuts are fitted to 'VW' vehicles depending on the model and year. Below are a few examples showing the various styles of security locking wheel nut styles fitted to the majority of 'VW' alloy wheels.


Once you have itemised the locking nut, please take an image of this close-up and straight-on so that we can see the locking nut clearly, this image is used in order to identify your original 'VW' locking wheel nut key.













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