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Before Going on any Long Journey Make Sure You Have Your Locking Wheel Nut Key Available and Safe

Before embarking on any long journey; make sure you have your vehicle's 'locking wheel nut key'! If you find yourself stuck with a puncture you'll need this important wheel nut removal tool to remove your wheel and replace this with your spare Tyre to make your onward travel.

Be a good neighbour or friend this Winter; once you have checked that your locking wheel nut key is available and stowed-away safely in your car. Why not check to see if you're loved-ones/family members or friends have their locking wheel nut key readily available in their cars/vans.

We can replace most vehicle manufacturers locking wheel nut keys.

Follow our '3 STEP SIMPLE PROCESS' and order your wheel nut now! Please go to our 'SHOP PAGE' to purchase your wheel nut (key).

Our Top 10 Tips on 'How to Drive in Winter or Poor Conditions'.

Good driving techniques are just as important as the tyre's fitted to your car.

They're not complicated and don't cost any money - the secret is simply to employ a calm, balanced approach. Here are our top 10 tips in driving in Winter:

1) Firstly, check to ensure you have your vehicle's locking wheel nut key before embarking on any long journey especially in Winter! You don't want to be stuck in the cold with no way of replacing your flat Tyre!

2) Use higher gears. Pull away in second rather than first gear - this reduces the chances of spinning the wheels and digging yourself into a rut. Be very gentle with the clutch and throttle – again to reduce the chances of a wheel-spin.

3) Apply the brakes as if they are made of glass. Sharp application of the brakes can lead to a skid, at which point you’ve lost control of your car.

4) Be very gentle with the steering. Any Tyre’s ability to offer lateral grip is reduced in these conditions. The faster you travel and the more you need to turn, the less sideways grip the tyre will offer. Once you’re sliding sideways, it’s even harder to regain control.

5) Use major routes where possible - these are much more likely to have been gritted and, usually, the higher traffic volumes help prevent snow from settling. Leave much bigger stopping distances (up to 10 x greater) between you and whatever is in front of you.

6) Above all, reduce your speed. The car will be easier to control and you’ll have much more time to react to developing situations.

7) Be prepared Whether you choose to use winter Tyre's, snow socks or neither, it’s always worth preparing your car for winter travel before bad weather strikes.

8) Let someone know where you are heading, what route you're planning to take and what time you hope to arrive.

9) Carry a snow shovel and two old rugs in the boot and a fully charged mobile phone in the car. If you do get stuck, digging away snow from the wheels can gain you some purchase, potentially getting you out of trouble. A rug can also provide a friction surface if tucked in front of a driven wheel to allow you to move.

10) If you get completely stuck, call for assistance and use the other rug to keep warm. If you want to run the engine to keep the heater working, make sure the exhaust is clear of snow. Blocking the flow of exhaust gases can mean they are diverted into the cabin where the carbon monoxide could endanger the occupants. And if you don't need to make a journey in extreme weather, it’s sensible to simply stay at home.

We can replace most vehicle manufacturers locking wheel nut keys; go to our 'SHOP PAGE' to purchase your replacement locking wheel nut key. Why not buy a replacement wheel nut key for your loved-ones this year.

Follow our '3 Step Simple Process' and order your new replacement wheel nut (key) now.

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