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Ford Transit Misplaced/Lost Locking Wheel Nut Key. Have you a Lost, Missing or Broken Ford Transit Wheel Nut? No Security Code Required!

We were contacted by a customer who had just purchased a new Ford Transit - the dealer had actually mislaid the Ford Transit Wheel Nut (Key) and the Security Code that accompanied it! He advised the customer that if he could get the original locking wheel nuts removed that they would supply him with a new locking wheel nut set and key - Charming! The customer was reluctant to have the locking wheel bolts forcibly removed (let's face it who wouldn't on a new vehicle!).


He contacted us and we were able to provide him with a New Replacement Ford Transit Wheel Nut (Key) using the photo above.


Go to our '3 Step Simple Process' page for full instructions. Please go to our 'SHOP PAGE' to purchase your new wheel nut (Key). See our 'TIPS' page on how best to remove over-tightened wheel nuts.


We can provide wheel nut keys for the entire Ford wheel nut range as follows:-


Ford C-MAX Wheel Nut

Ford S-Max Wheel Nut

Ford Galaxy Wheel Nut

Ford Tourneo Wheel Nut

Ford Tourneo Connect Wheel Nut

Ford Transit Wheel Nut

Ford Transit Connect Wheel Nut

Ford Transit Courier Wheel Nut

Ford Transit Custom Wheel Nut

Ford KA Wheel Nut

Ford Fiesta Wheel Nut

Ford B-Max Wheel Nut

Ford Ecosport Wheel Nut

Ford Focus Wheel Nut

Ford Focus ST Wheel Nut

Ford Focus RS Wheel Nut

Ford Focus RS Wheel Nut

Ford Galaxy Wheel Nut

Ford Grand C-Max Wheel Nut

Ford Kuga Wheel Nut

Ford Mondeo Wheel Nut

Ford Mustang Wheel Nut

Ford Edge Wheel Nut

Ford GT Wheel Nut

Ford Ranger Wheel Nut




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Locking Wheel Nut (Keys) - No Wheel Nut Security Code Required!

100% Guarantee - You Simply Have Nothing to Lose
 Most Vehicle Makes & Models Covered; Cars, Vans etc.
*Next Working Day Delivery Options Available